Bosley and Charlie

Bosley (right) and Charlie (left) are now the new kitties in town, as of June 2, 2012. john and joyce found them at Aid Animal Hospital, where they had been for about two months. The former owner couldn't care for them any longer. They are about 4 years old. Bosley looks like Tuck and PJ! It is most uncanny.

john and joyce decided they wanted two kitties, as each one would keep the other company. That has definitely been proven true! When they aren't in the newly upholstered chair sleeping together, they are on the teak sideboard looking for their toys.

They like bouncy balls the best, but none of these balls are in the bowl, as all four have hidden under the sofa. It is john's duty to retrieve them and put them back into the bowl.

They are THE sweetest kitties possible. They never bite, and they always go in their litter box. They just want to please!



Tuck passed away the day after Thanksgiving 2011. john and joyce had Tuck for 14 years.

Tuck was found in a shelter weighing 8 pounds and almost no hair from being on his own for who knows how long. His constant purring won john and joyce's hearts and they took him home. After one year, this extremely gentle Maine Coon weighed 17 pounds and talked/purred constantly. He told john and joyce when they have visitors to the pond, such as the 3 1/2 foot blue heron with a wing span of 6 feet that flew in each morning for brunch.

p.s. (2006): "tah" weighted 21 pounds. He would sleep next to john in bed all night. joyce joked that they were going to have to get a king-size bed, if this continued.

Their"little guy" of 17 years, PJ Muggins, passed away August '98. He too was a red Maine Coon weighing 17 pounds.
This zencat (Tuck) had three states, tuckatorium (sleep mode), tuckateria (eat mode), and 2AM-I'm-wide-awake (so-are-you mode).
Here, rat "Fink" experienced a TFA (Tuckian Frontal Attack). Luckily, Field Commander Mouse had executed a hasty retreat just seconds before.
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