Quiet Time

Sitting out on the deck, during a cool breeze while watching the wildlife moving about the pond, often brings peace of mind and meditation. It is during this time that the mind can just freewheel and Zen out. You get a chance to recharge your batteries. Often john will go out to work on the ponds and 15 or 20 minutes later will wake up to find that he has just been standing in one spot the full time. ( Please note that the way john spells his name, with a small "j", is intentional.)

Now for some interesting stories that are all true, but which some of you will not believe. These are Zen-like events that have happened to john over many years and, again, are all true. john is an engineer by trade and even he would not believe these stories if they had not happened to him. He is still puzzled by all of them.

    The Poem
    During a People To People Picnic
    The Trip to California
    The Kansas City Firefighters
    The Elk and The Raven
    An Earth-Shattering Experience
    Diamond's john's best friend
    The Tornado


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