The Poem

john was in his second year of college. One Sunday afternoon after he had caught up on his school work (that was a rare event itself), he decided to take a nap. After a couple of hours, he started to wake up...but couldn't. He quickly discovered what was keeping him from coming out of his nap.

It was a poem!

This poem was just sitting there blocking john's awakening. This seemed like a rather odd thing for a poem to be doing! He decided that he would force himself awake and would quickly grab pencil and paper and would write down the poem before it faded away.

Here is what it said:


"How Strange -
Life is but a day.
What be this game we play?
Soon the day begins to bronze...to grey,
And darkness cloaks the sun.
Not until the score is tallied,
Do we know what race we've run!"

    --- not written by john. just there at his awakening.