The People To People Picnic

john & joyce were at a People To People picnic at Loose Park, near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, several years ago. It had just barely started to rain, so the picnic was being held under a very long pavillon, near the entrance to the park. About 100 people were seated at two concrete tables which were built end to end. Everyone was just beginning to get serious about eating whatever they had brought to the picnic when it happened.

Suddenly, john looked up and saw everyone moving in slow motion! He had no idea what was going on, but just as suddenly he watched his body stand up and step straight backwards to get out of his crowded seat. Then he watch himself turn and head toward the other end of the other table, about 35 feet away. Everyone was still moving in slow motion!

Before he got to the other end, he saw himself stop, turn towards the seated people, and put his arms around a woman sitting at the table!To his surprise, he realized that he was giving the Heimlich Maneuver to the woman. john nearly threw her through the ceiling of the pavillion since she was paraplegic and weighed only 75 pounds. From the woman's blocked throat, in slow motion, came a piece of steak.

john then saw himself let loose of the woman, turn back to where he had come from, step back into his seat, and sat down. Everyone then proceeded to speed up. No one at john's end of the table had realized what had just happened and everyone at the far end was as shocked as john was.


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