john spent 9 months in Fort Lauderdale on business from October 1995 until June 1996 only coming home every second or third weekend. He stayed at the Westin during this period.

john and joyce's best friends of twenty years are jerry and gail. gail's step father, Ken, was at the time in his nineties, but was quite an alert and active fellow.

One Sunday, while john was standing in the middle of his room at the Westin, he suddenly had a wave of awareness of Ken just dying go through him. John started to walk across the room to telephone joyce in Kansas City to find out if this was true. Before he could reach the phone, he had another wave of absolute peace and contentment go through him. There was no need to pick up the phone, or do anything. John just stood there immersed in infinite beauty!

Later that evening, Joyce called john and told him that Ken had just died. John told her that he knew. When he tried to tell her when he had experienced the waves, he couldn't. There wasn't any time. John had to rebuild the events of his day to determine the missing gap. He then told Joyce that the time had to be 6 p.m. and she said that Ken had pass away at 5 p.m. (CST).



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