The Kansas City Firefighters

Sometime during the summer of 1988 around 4:00 AM, a loud explosion woke john and joyce from their sleep. john got up and looked out the window to see if all of the neighbors' houses were still there. He could not see anything out of order and went back to bed for awhile.

john had an early morning meeting at work, so he got up, got dressed, and drove to work. At 5:30 AM he parked next to the end of the building at work and started walking down a very long hallway. No one was around. There was totally silence except for john's own loud steps reminding him that he was alone.

He got about 1/4 of the way down the hallway when suddenly he was knocked off his feet. He fell on his attache case. The amazing force that had done this to john was a powerful spiritual wavefront!??? This wavefront was composed of total chaos and confusion mixed with chards of consciousness and, while passing through john's body, had actually knocked him down. john was totally alarmed and began to run seeking help! At the far end of the hallway in a room, he found a small group of people talking excitedly about hearing on the radio that an explosion 30 miles away had just blown up six firefighters.

john later learned that there were actually two explosions, one at 4:00 AM which summoned the fire department to a construction site about 20 miles from john's home and another at 5:30 PM when unknown cases of dynamite at the site exploded killing the six firemen.


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