The Elk and The Raven

About five years ago, joyce and john decided to take a vacation to the beautiful Banff and Calgary area in Alberta Canada. They stayed in Banff and decided that the next morning they would get up early and drive to Lake Louise.

The highway was deserted at sun up and they could see a lot of construction to install large half pipes under the highway for wild animals to cross the highway. That should have been a tip-off right there, but it didn't register in their minds.

It takes about an hour driving at 60 - 70 mph to get from Banff to Lake Louise, but joyce and john didn't mind because of the beautiful woods,mountains and lakes.

All of a sudden, they saw an elk dart out of the woods on an intersecting path with their car! They realized that an accident was going to happen and that they would not be able to stop the car in time! They began to brace for the impact!

Just before the elk reached the road, a raven dove down out of nowhere. As it got to the elk's face, it spread it's wings out fully (spread-raven?) and caused the elk to stop, to reverse course and to dart back into the woods.

And hour later, joyce and john arrived safely at Lake Louise thanks to the raven. Click below to sees one of the pictures they took immediately upon arriving at Lake Louise. It is dedicated to the raven that saved their lives!

[ Picture of Lake Louise]


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