Diamond's john's best friend

john was about 12 years old at the time. He was standing in the middle of the living room when the family cat named Diamond (pure black with a white spot on her chest shaped like a diamond) came running up to him. She was screaming , frantically running back and forth. She was commanding john to follow her immediately!

john followed Diamond through the house, out the back door, around the side of the wood shop where she stopped at the bottom of a downspout. Lying there in the concrete gutter were three drowned, lifeless new baby kittens. Diamond was crying at the top of her lungs for john to do something to save her babies!

john picked up the "dead" kittens and placed them on the nearby picnic table. Diamond jumped up to watch, still crying. john began to give the kittens artifical respiration with his little fingers, turning their heads to the side to let any water run out of their tiny mouths. To john's total amazement, after a few minutes, the kittens began to move and then to wimper just a little. Finally, all three came back to life, very cold and shivering. Diamond began to lick each one over and over again until they were warm. Occasionally, she would look up at john and purr. That was thanks enough for john.


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