August 2020

August 1 - john is just starting a painting by George Bingham called "Fur Traders". It will be a study only, and john will not sell it.

Here is George Bingham's painting:

Fur Traders


Yesterday, john went to Swan's Pond Supply and purchased 4 water lilies for zenpond. Two dark maroon and two peach colored lilies. They are currently in the water. In a couple of weeks, a bronze statue of Tom Sawyer coming home after a successful fishing trip and teasing his hound dog with a minnow will be delivered to zenpond. It is 5 feet tall and weighs over 300 pounds. zenpond can be called a statue and water garden park. When john finishs his next abstract sculpture, there will be 5 bronzes around zenpond. john's first sculpture is in the house.

The world is still in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid - 19). America is is a depression worse than the Great Depression. Things are BAD BAD BAD! We are now in the 6th month of the pandemic.